W, I never thought we'd have a conversation like this ever and I'm thankful for this chance. You were one of the first guys who made me feel so special, who taught me of patience, consistency, and perseverance, who made me realize I'm worth loving, and whom I hurt so much. I'm really happy for…


I have so much love to give, I think my heart's gonna explode any minute now. But I'll wait for you.. Patiently, until our time comes.

Maybe not

Maybe one day, all these thoughts will be reality. Maybe not with the person I'm imagining at present, but surely with the right person. This in itself soothes me. I just really can't control my mind. Us getting another chance in this lifetime is next to impossible anymore, but I can't stop myself. I keep…

"Success is not something you achieve. It is somebody you become."

"NOW may be the greatest time in history for you to prosper, take control and do your own thing." - Dean Graziosi

Quick question.. When will I get to be with that person who'll be willing to carry some of the baggages I can't carry on my own but can't leave behind, too?