“We are not meant to live a life of worry and anxiety about where assistance will come from. No! We are to rise, each day, with confidence and joy because we know that our help comes from the Lord.”


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

“They don’t need our protection; they need our absence”. -Benjamin Lockwood

“If I don’t come back, remember, you’re the one who made me come.” -Owen

-Benjamin Lockwood and Owen; Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom


Hacksaw Ridge

“He don’t hate us. He hates himself sometimes.” -Bertha Doss

“He was lucky he was dead so he never knew how awful his uniform looked.” -Corporal Tom/Thomas Doss

“I have to enlist. I can’t stay here while all of them fight for me.” -Desmond Doss/Private Corn Stalk

“Well, are you gonna marry me or what?” -Dorothy Schutte

“Now, my friends are there; covered in dirt and grass and eaten by worms. I don’t wanna have to visit my sons here.” -Tom Doss

“Fellas, let’s dance. Grab a girl.” -Corporal Jessop

“If I can’t convince you, maybe she can.” -Capt. Glover

“Heads down and asses lower. Shoot anything and don’t speak English.” -Sarge/Sgt. Howell

“I learned how to hate quick. I learned how to judge quicker.. and I got you very wrong.” -Smitty

“I don’t need a plasma. Give it to the one there.” -Irv Schecter

“Please, Lord, help me get one more.” -Desmond

“You’re like gum on a shoe, aren’t you?” -Sarge

“But they believe in how much you believe.” -Capt. Glover

“They’re not going up there without you.” -Capt. Glover

-Bertha Doss, Corporal Tom/Thomas Doss, Desmond Doss/Private Corn Stalk, Corporal Jessop, Capt. Glover, Sarge/Sgt. Howell, Smitty, Irv Schecter; Hacksaw Ridge


The Kissing Booth

“Kill it.” -Lee Flynn

“Who is this? Are you a girl princess or a boy princess?” -Shelly/Elle Evans

“Rule #18: Always be happy for your bestie’s successes. For me, that one has always been easy to follow.” -Elle

“Rule #6: If you can’t tell your best friend about something you’re doing, you probably shouldn’t be doing it.” -Elle

“I thought I heard you moaning.” -Lee

“I was watching porn.” -Elle

“Oh. Can I watch?” -Lee

“The only thing that I had that he didn’t was you.” -Lee

“But I’m not sorry that it did happen or for the way I feel about your daughter.” -Noah Flynn

“It’s a final look back on who we were at the very moment that we’re looking forward to who we want to become.” -French student

“That may be true, but what do you want?” -Noah

“He said something about Rule #18 or whatever.” -Noah

“Whatever happened, I knew there was a part of me that was always gonna belong to Noah Flynn.” -Elle

-Lee and Noah Flynn, Shelly/Elle Evans, French student; The Kissing Booth