“Someone in the world is having the best day of their life today.”


This is one quote that will put a smile on anyone’s face the second he reads it.

I hope it made you smile today. ☺

So Connected

“‘Yung iba nga matagal mo nang kilala, pero wala talaga kayong connection.” -Carter Calma

“Sugal ang tawag dun.” -Trisha

-Carter Calma and Trisha; So Connected

Everything, Everything

“It’s boring without you. Well, there are no girls here. Who am I supposed to show off to?” -Olly/Oliver Bright

“A second is all it takes!” -Dr. Whittier

“He thinks that I’m funny, smart, and beautiful.. In that order.” -Maddy/Madeline Whittier
“As he should.” -Dr. Whittier

“I’m not choosing death. It’s that if I don’t go, I won’t know really know what it’s like to be alive.” -Maddy

-Olly/Oliver Bright, Dr. Whittier, Maddy/Madeline Whittier; Everything, Everything

“A lot of the times, I write songs about nostalgia.. and a lot of memories. I like to go back over memories. I use songs almost like photographs, so that I can go back and remember a time and remember exactly what it was like to experience it.” -Taylor Swift #CityOfLover

Have you ever cried so hard in the bathroom.. in the middle of the day.. in a house full of people..

Hand on your mouth,
Faucet turned on,
Music blasting on your phone,

Just so no one can hear the pain?

If not, lucky you.